3 Leg Stool

Another project at the woodcraft guild ACT I worked on at Monday nights introduction group. This project took a fair while because everything (Except cutting out the circle for the seat) was done by hand. The legs started off as lengths of square D.A.R timber and the seat a block of pine.

The legs were rounded off using a plane, file and sandpaper. The process involves planing off the edges of the square until you have a long octagon, then you plane off those edges. You keep going until the edges get smaller and smaller and you can file and sand it to a smooth circle.

To get the legs at a 10 degree angle I used a simple jog to hold the seat at 10 degrees on the drill press. I first drilled a hold the size of the leg, then another hold slightly smaller. Using a chisel I removed some of the end of the legs and glued them in. Not much glue is needed as it should be a pretty tight

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