Chess Board

A year ago I started making a chess board and ran into some difficulty with the edging. I put the project on the shelf for a while and never really got around to finishing it. The ACT Woodcraft guild held a UFO (UnFinished Objects) night a few weeks ago which was the perfect opportunity to bring the chess board out.

The checker board process was easier than I thought, having learnt the easy way to do it after my Checker board cutting board project. The process involves gluing light and dark strips together, then cutting across the stripes to make light and dark checker strips. you then offset every second cut to make the board (see photos)

getting all 4 edges square to do the edging turned out the be the hardest part but I got there in the end. I am currently trying out making a few different sets of pieces to see how they look. For the photos I have just used a set of pieces I had laying around which I did not make.


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